Say YES to your perfect SMILE!

In just 7 days to your dream smile with YesSmile – guaranteed and certified!

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Hollywood Smile – different for everyone, perfect for you!

Through years of experience, the use of the most exclusive Swiss materials, our doctors guarantee you your dream result.

Your current dental situation determines your treatment plan.

Whether gum correction, veneers, implants or a combination of everything: The result is the smile you want – your Hollywood smile

Your costs are as individual as your wishes

YesSmile is guaranteed to help you achieve the smile of your dreams! The exact treatments necessary for that can only be determined after an analysis.

Here are some examples for you to get an idea of the costs of your dental treatment.

More confidence with YesSmile

“It was all pain free. I can’t stop smiling.”

Carina, 33 years, zirconium crowns


Your No 1 expert – Your treatment options at YesSmile

Your trusted dentist is certainly also an expert in his field. But how is one doctor supposed to acquire the same expertise in different areas as dozens of highly specialized teams of doctors?

At YesSmile, you will be treated and accompanied by doctors who have specialized in exactly one type of treatment.

dental implants

Larger tooth gaps or the entire dentition – with dental implants made in Switzerland you will soon be able to enjoy your perfectly natural smile.

Our experts can also help you with bone augmentation and all-on-4 implants!


The trend of the last years – veneers protect your own teeth and can achieve impressive results!

Perfectly straight and white teeth will make your smile a real eye-catcher and it only takes a week!

dental crowns

Zirconium crowns or all-ceramic crowns look 100% natural and fit seamlessly into your new dream smile.

In contrast to metal or part-ceramic crowns, you can expect a deceptively real result at the YesSmile Clinic.


Also known as gum shaping, a gingivectomy is the easiest way to make your teeth appear larger.

Make gums disappear from your smile!


Zirconium bridges allow you to close single tooth gaps.

In combination with crowns or veneers, you will soon be able to enjoy your dream smile without any implants!

The answer is: YES it has never been easier to SMILE

Your highly specialized team of doctors, orthodontists and surgeons will plan and accompany your treatment from start to finish. All decisions are based on the latest medical knowledge.


Free analysis of your images or X-rays by our medical team


Presentation of your treatment plan and clarification of all your questions!


Enjoy 7 days in Istanbul and go home with the perfect smile!

A mission to laugh

Laughing is the first indicator of happiness, fun and excitement. In our eyes people who are laughing are beautiful.

Sadly many people are not allowed to like their own smile.

We wish to change this! It is the mission of YesSmile to help 1.000.000 people to their dream smile.

Are you sharing our thoughts? Then help us spread our message


All materials used for veneers, crowns, bridges and implants come with a 5-year guarantee, including a guarantee certificate. Of course, the durability of the materials is significantly longer, but depends heavily on your dental care, eating habits and other habits. With good care and tooth-friendly behaviour, such as little coffee and no nicotine, it can even last a lifetime.

For a dream smile

Most treatments will not cause you pain afterwards, but your teeth may be sensitive. Slight pain can only occur in the first few days after major procedures such as tooth extractions, root canal treatments and implants. However, you can alleviate this with painkillers. In order not to put too much strain on the teeth, a day’s break is taken after each day of treatment in which the tooth necks can calm down and you have no or only slight pain.

For a dream smile

So that you fly home with a guaranteed good feeling, there is the final check-up in the clinic, before which you can test your teeth extensively in everyday situations such as eating, drinking, brushing your teeth and speaking. Then you tell your doctor if everything feels good and your teeth are thoroughly examined. Da wir für Ihre Behandlung von Anfang an 3 Sicherheitstage einplanen, gibt es genügend Spielraum etwas nachzubessern und den Zahnersatz erneut an Ihre Bedürfnisse anzupassen. Sie brauchen sich also keine Gedanken zu machen, dass Sie in nach Ihrer Rückreise eine böse Überraschung erwartet.

For a dream smile

The stay in Istanbul for your treatment lasts 10 days. The treatment itself can ideally last as little as 7 days. There are also 3 safety days if implants, crowns or veneers do not fit and are readjusted to you in the laboratory. If everything fits right away, you can test your teeth more extensively before the final check-up. In the case of dental treatments, especially root canal treatments, tooth extractions or implants, it is very important to take a day off after each day of treatment so that the tooth necks can calm down. However, during this time you are socially acceptable and can enjoy the time in beautiful Istanbul. Should a 2nd session be necessary, such as with implants due to the longer healing time, the 2nd visit only lasts a few days.

For a dream smile

In the clinic, which opened this year, you can enjoy the highest medical and technical standards. The luxurious and modern ambience will also make you feel completely at ease outside of your treatment. In addition to our own hotel rooms, there are numerous cozy lounges to relax in. The clinic has its own restaurant and Starbucks café, so your meals are always taken care of.

For a dream smile